Going digital - engaging with families
  • by Family Day Care Australia

  • 16 March 2016

Going digital - engaging with families

Digital technologies have become an integral part of many children’s education and care services. Increasingly, educators are using technologies not only to plan for, extend, and document children’s learning, but also to share information and engage with families through websites, text messages, social media and more.

While talking in person is almost always the best way to build relationships and make families feel welcome, there’s no one size fits all approach. Some parents may have specific needs and preferences for accessing information, and educators should be flexible to this. Distance, disability, disadvantage, language barriers and work commitments are all things that may affect a family’s ability to engage.

The Digital Business Kit is an Early Childhood Australia resource helping educators to make the most of interactive technologies. Module 4 on engaging families has plenty of information to assist services to get started and be smart online. There is information on text, email, electronic newsletters and intranets, as well as what to consider for social media policies and more.

Link to the NQS

Consider the following reflective questions around standard 6.1 when planning for and developing respectful and supportive relationships with families.
How do we facilitate communication with families who have specific or diverse communication needs?
How can we find out if our communication strategies are reaching all families?
What strategies are in place for information sharing between families, educators and coordinators, during orientation, settling in and on an ongoing basis?
How can we listen to families and include their perspectives in the educational program?
How do we encourage families to contribute to service activities and to their child’s experiences in ways that are meaningful for them?

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